Ivanka Trump shares sweet video at home with husband Jared Kushner and their kids

As part of her #womenwhowork campaign, mom-of-three Ivanka Trump took to her Instagram to give fans a special look at the people who motivate her the most. In a rare at home video, featuring husband Jared Kushner, 35, and the couple's three children, 5-year-old Arabella, 2-year-old Joseph and 5-month-old Theodore, the businesswoman reveals that it is her family who keeps her inspired.

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Ivanka calls Jared her "greatest source of motivation" Photo: Taylor Hill/Getty Images


In the video, 34-year-old Ivanka is seen with Jared playing with their kids and calling her husband her "greatest source of motivation", adding: "He is the person I lean on the most."

Jared, who married Ivanka in 2009, also takes part in the clip, telling the world what he admires about his wife. "She always has it in her to accomplish whatever she puts her mind to," he says. "I always tell Ivanka, don't worry about the things you can't control, just worry about how you react to and deal with the circumstances and situations at hand."

Ivanka and Jared are parents to three children Photo: Instagram/@IvankaTrump

Arabella and Joseph help little Theo reach a major milestone

The mogul admits that she has moments of stress, but finds comfort in the people cheering her on at home.

"In the moments of highest anxiety for me I will think about Jared and the kids," she said. "And realize no matter how poorly I perform, I will come home that night... My kids will not love me any less and my husband will love me just as much, maybe even a little more, because he knows I will need it."

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