First Lady Dr. Jill Biden meets with Queen Rania at the White House©Office of Her Majesty

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden and Queen Rania make a stylish pair in red and blue at the White House

The Jordanian royal delivered a keynote speech in D.C. this week

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden welcomed Queen Rania of Jordan to the White House this week. The Queen’s office revealed that the Queen and first lady discussed various issues of mutual interest during their meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 1.

“It was a pleasure catching up with U.S. First Lady Dr. Jill Biden yesterday,” Rania captioned a photo of herself and the first lady on Instagram.

The first lady and Queen had a meeting at the White House on Feb. 1©Office of Her Majesty
The first lady and Queen had a meeting at the White House on Feb. 1

The duo made a stylish pair with Rania wearing a blue dress teamed with matching shoes, while Dr. Biden was dressed in red.

The Queen accompanied her husband King Abdullah II and son Crown Prince Hussein on a working visit to Washington, D.C. On Thursday, Rania and her daughter Princess Iman attended the National Prayer Breakfast International Luncheon, where the Queen delivered the keynote speech.

In remarks at the luncheon in D.C., Rania said, “No matter our faith or background, I think we can all agree the polarization is a defining feature of the day. The in-between, the shades of grey have been forced into black or white, saturating into their most extreme expression. Losing any detail or dimension. In this polarized environment, people feel increasingly obliged to commit to one side. Left or right, in or out, for or against, idolize or cancel. And, rather than spurring productive engagement, it’s forcing false political choices. Either obsess over an issue or an outcome or don’t bother caring at all.”

The Queen noted in her speech that “religion isn’t just about who we are, but what we do and how we do it. Religion is meant to help guide our way in the world and it’s meant to help center our lives. To rejoice in the in-between, the simply daily normalcies of everyday life, far away from the extremes.”

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