Beatrice Borromeo talks modern royals and praises the Princess of Wales©Getty Images

Beatrice Borromeo talks modern royals and praises the Princess of Wales

The filmmaker said modern royals have a role that ‘allows you to do a lot of good things,’ but ‘if you try to take from it selfishly that doesn’t work’

Beatrice Borromneo has nothing but kind words for the Princess of Wales. Princess Caroline’s daughter-in-law, 37, was asked about the British royal, 40, during a new interview with A&E Magazine. “I think she is extremely good at her job – not only representing the Royal family but also raising awareness on the importance of children’s early years,” Beatrice said of the Princess of Wales. “She seems to be a very good mother and a very stable, strong person.”

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“It must be very hard to be constantly exposed as she is, I wouldn’t thrive in that situation and I admire her for the impeccable way she manages to navigate her role,” she continued.

Beatrice noted that the Princess of Wales’ “situation is not comparable to our lives in any way.” She explained, “We help when we can here in Monaco, if there is any need for us to represent the family, we’re honoured to do it but it’s not very demanding for us. We have our jobs, we work for a living, and don’t depend on the State on any level.”

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Beatrice married Prince Albert of Monaco’s nephew Pierre Casiraghi in 2015. The filmmaker and Pierre are parents to sons Francesco and Stefano.

Asked by the magazine “what makes modern royals today successful,” the director replied, “I think that the most important thing is not to live in a bubble, to be aware of the world around you and to appreciate the fact that whatever position you’re in, that position is a place of responsibility and not a place of privilege.”

Beatrice added, “It’s a role that allows you to do a lot of good things, a platform that allows you to give. If you try to take from it selfishly that doesn’t work.”

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