Camille Gottlieb

Camille Gottlieb, Stephanie of Monaco's youngest daughter, shows off new silhouette

The twenty-year-old visits Mauritius and shows off her new body shape

Even though it has been said that Camille Gottlieb inherited Grace Kelly’s beauty, who is her grandmother, the young Monaco royal looks more and more like her mom, Stephanie of Monaco, each day. Camille is going on 21 years old and she is very similar to the princess when she was her age. At the time, her mom ventured in the music industry with her song Ouragan, the first single of her debut album Besoin. With the excuse of her vacation in Mauritius, Camille has shown off her svelte figure in a bathing suit, on Belle Mare’s beautiful shores.

Camille’s followers questioned her about her weight loss, which she explained: “I’ve lost 28 pounds due to a health problem, but in general I don’t practice a specific sport and I eat normally." However, the Monegasque influencer has publicly committed to exercising regularly and to following a balanced diet “to be [in top shape] this summer."

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“The beauty of a mermaid,” “What a babe!” and “Magnificent!” are some of the reactions provoked by Camille’s pictures on a deserted beach with her revealing black garment. French press also joined the tribute to her beauty: “Camille, sublime in a bathing suit” is Voici magazine’s headline.

Camille is a little-known Grimaldi family member. She arrived in this world on July 15, 1998, fruit of the romance between Stéphanie of Monaco and Jean Raymond Gottlieb, who was a royal bodyguard and whose fatherhood was kept secret for several years. Because she was not born into a marriage, Camille is not in the line of succession to her country’s throne. However, she grew up with her older siblings, Louis and Pauline Ducruet, and she always had a great connection with her grandfather, Rainier of Monaco. The little girl knew the nomadic life of the circus when her mother fell in love with the elephant trainer Franco Knie and then with the Portuguese acrobat Adans Lopez Peres.

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Stéphanie's youngest daughter is a bachelor with a major in literature. She spent a sabbatical year becoming proficient in the English language, learning Russian and devoting to volunteer work; now she studies communication in Nice. Like her mother, Camille has a passion for animals and participates in various volunteer programs. Her first charitable project, Be Safe Monaco, is inspired by the memory of a friend who died as a result of a traffic accident. Along with two other friends, Camille's intention is to raise awareness among the youth about the danger of driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

Stéphanie of Monaco’s love life was precocious and has been very varied, but her youngest daughter prefers to remain single. A couple of years ago the press tried to link her to Kylian Mbappé, A.S. Monaco’s former player who she met in a reception organized by her uncle Alberto and aunt Charlene of Monaco in the royal gardens, but Camille rushed to deny the romance. “I am single and I am fine like this,” beautiful Camille asserted.

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