Kate Middleton is the lady in red for fall outing

Kate Middleton shows off chic fall style in red outfit

The Duchess delivered a keynote speech on Oct. 19

The Duchess of Cambridge was the lady in red as she stepped out on Tuesday! Kate showed off her chic fall style wearing a scarlet turtleneck and matching pleated skirt to an event hosted by her patronage the Forward Trust in London. The royal mom of three was on hand to launch the charity’s “Taking Action on Addiction” campaign.

The Duchess of Cambridge launched the 'Taking Action on Addiction' campaign with a keynote speech on Oct. 19©WireImage
The Duchess of Cambridge launched the ‘Taking Action on Addiction’ campaign with a keynote speech on Oct. 19

In her passionate remarks, Kate highlighted the importance of tackling the misinformation and misunderstanding that surrounds addiction, as well as its roots in early childhood experiences.

“Addiction is not a choice. No one chooses to become an addict. But it can happen to any one of us. None of us are immune. Yet it’s all too rarely discussed as a serious mental health condition. And seldom do we take the time to uncover and fully understand its fundamental root causes,” the Duchess said (via the Mail Online). “The journey towards addiction is often multi-layered and complex. But, by recognising what lies beneath addiction, we can help remove the taboo and shame that sadly surrounds it.”

“As a society, we need to start from a position of compassion and empathy. Where we nurture those around us, understand their journey, and what has come before them,” she added.

Kate noted that the “pandemic has had a devastating impact on addiction rates. And families and children are having to cope with addiction in greater numbers than ever before.”

“Yet, there is hope. Over the last ten years, I have had the privilege of meeting many incredible people who have lived through the harsh realities of addiction. Through their own hard work, and with the help from communities and charities, such as The Forward Trust, lives really are being turned around,” Kate said. “These are stories of healing, of hope and recovery, that can inspire us all. I fully support The ‘Taking Action on Addiction’ campaign to improve awareness and understanding of addiction. The campaign will show us that, not only do many people recover from addiction, they can go on to prosper. We can all play our part in helping this work. By understanding, by listening, by connecting. So that together we can build a happier, healthier and more nurturing society.”

The launch of the “Taking Action on Addiction” campaign coincides with Addiction Awareness Week, which runs Oct. 18 through Oct. 24. The long-term campaign will work to improve awareness and understanding of addiction, its causes and scale in society to enable more people to ask for and receive help.

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