Princess Charlene of Monaco launches new campaign

Princess Charlene of Monaco launches new campaign

Find out what the royal said is ‘not cool’

Princess Charlene of Monaco is passionate about protecting Africa’s wildlife, which is why the royal’s Foundation South Africa has launched the #ChasingZero campaign. The foundation is chasing the eradication of wildlife poaching with its new initiative. According to a press release shared with HOLA! USA, “The main messages the Foundation wants to get across are that they are ‘chasing zero rhino deaths’ regarding wildlife poaching, and that the purchase and use of rhino horn is ‘not cool.’”

PCMFSA has launched the #ChasingZero initiative©Christian Sperka
PCMFSA has launched the #ChasingZero initiative

“There will always be people in the world who take what is not theirs. But as long as there are people who try to stop them, our rhinos and wildlife have a future,” Charlene said.

#ChasingZero is about “speaking out against the atrocity of wildlife poaching and doing something about it before it’s too late,” per the foundation. Charlene noted, “If we are to save these incredible animals from extinction, we have to do something. We cannot afford to lose anymore.”

The Princess added, “In a way, our wildlife are like children – they are innocent, helpless. We protect our children from drowning, and we must protect our wildlife from poachers. I want to be able to tell my children the world did all it could to save the rhinos and other endangered species – and we succeeded.”

The foundation is raising funds to protect wildlife and educate others about wildlife conservation and preservation. Individuals who donate to #ChasingZero have an opportunity to win two tickets to the Monaco 2022 F1 Grand Prix, as well as other prizes. Charlene shared a link to donate on her personal Instagram account, declaring, “Rhino Horn is Not Cool!”

During her recent visit to KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, Prince Albert’s wife was involved with various conservation operations, including rhino monitoring and tracking, deployment with an anti-poaching unit, educational wildlife photography sessions, and a White Rhino dart and dehorning exercise. Charlene’s “heart was touched by the plight” of the rhinos during a wildlife conservation mission earlier this year.

“This entire experience moved me,” she said in May. “I connected with amazing people and spoke to the local trackers and anti-poaching units who all have an incredible passion for protecting our rhinos and environment.”

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