Kate Middleton jokes ‘this is what happens’ to Prince William when she’s ‘not around’

Kate Middleton jokes ‘this is what happens’ to Prince William when she’s ‘not around’

Prince William was jokingly asked to ‘stop flirting’ last weekend

The Duchess of Cambridge had a funny reaction to her husband’s recent encounter with a care home admirer. Ahead of the royal couple’s drive-in screening of Disney’s Cruella for NHS staffers, Prince William and Kate spoke with two of the film’s stars, Emma Thompson and Emma Stone. “Can we talk about hugging?” Emma Thompson asked during their video chat earlier this week, to which the Duke replied, “I got propositioned by a 96-year-old lady called Betty yesterday who wanted to kiss me.”

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He continued, “She’s in a care home with her daughter and I said, ‘Betty, if I do that I’m going to get slapped on the back of the head for inappropriate social distancing’ and she said, ‘I’ll have you afterwards then!’ She was a right character!”

Kate, who did not join William in Scotland until Monday, laughed, “This is what happens when I’m not around!”

The Duke met Betty Magee on Sunday during his visit to the Queen’s Bay Lodge Care Home in Edinburgh. “It’s customary in these parts to give a lady a kiss on the cheek,” Betty told William, according to People magazine.

“Oh, you are sweet. You’ll make me blush,” the Queen’s grandson responded. “When the rules relax more, I will come back and give you a kiss on the cheek, Betty.”

A staffer jokingly told Prince William, “Could you stop flirting with my residents?” “Sorry,” William said with a laugh. “I’m trying not to. I’m not sure who’s flirting more.”

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