Marie-Chantal posted a vintage photo of herself and sister Pia Getty

Crown Princess Marie-Chantal reminisces on a fond childhood memory with sister Pia Getty

The Greek royal has designed a dress inspired by her childhood wardrobe

Crown Princess Marie-Chantal is bringing her timeless style to a new generation. The Greek royal shared a vintage photo of herself on Wednesday wearing one of her favorite childhood dresses alongside big sister Pia Getty in Rome. The two of the three famous Miller sisters had their close bond on display as they posed for the snapshot with their arms sweetly wrapped around each other. “This picture is a favorite of mine as I’m with my sister Pia in Rome. I’m wearing a smocked apron dress that I adored from Rowes in London that my mother used to shop at,” the Crown Princess captioned the post.

Marie-Chantal posted a vintage photo of herself and sister Pia Getty©Getty Images
Marie-Chantal posted a vintage photo of herself and sister Pia Getty

Royal watchers, too, can dress their little ones like the Crown Princess. For those looking to emulate her style, Marie-Chantal has designed a similar version of her apron dress for her eponymous children’s label. Best of all, the yellow soft cotton poplin design featuring the Fleur D’ete print is currently on sale for $168 on the luxury childrenswear brand’s website.

Marie-Chantal has previously opened up about how her upbringing influenced her love for fashion. “I grew up with a love of fashion and my mother was and still is so stylish. When we were little and living in Paris you can imagine the feasts of fashion that one is exposed to. The French taught me so much but so did my mother,” she told New York Family in March. “I always knew that I wanted to have a career in fashion but a gentler one and children’s wear is so perfect. I’m quite simple at heart in my fashion choices and like to keep it elegant even though I’m always in jeans. I try to look smart or with a touch of something lovely.”

Growing up, the royal’s mother María Clara Pesantes Becerra, would tell Marie-Chantal to dress up nicely because you never know who you will run into. The mom of five added, “She was so right and I’ve passed this advice along to my kids. This doesn’t mean dressing up to the nines every time you leave the house. My rules are simply that no matter what my children wear, try to look neat and tidy.”