Prince Henrik of Denmark tested for the coronavirus

Palace reveals royal child tested for coronavirus

The Danish Royal Court announced that a young member of the royal family was tested

One of the youngest members of the Danish royal family has been tested for the coronavirus. The Danish Royal Court announced on Tuesday, March 24, that Prince Henrik was “examined” for the novel virus at a hospital in Copenhagen. Thankfully, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie’s ten-year-old son’s test came back negative. The family, who moved to Paris last summer after Joachim was invited to participate in France’s highest ranking military leadership training, returned to Denmark on March 23 amid the pandemic. In a statement, the Danish Royal Court said, “Their Royal Highnesses Prince Joachim and Princess Marie and their children, Prince Henrik and Princess Athena, returned to Denmark yesterday, when Prince Henrik was examined at Rigshospitalet for respiration problems connected with asthmatic bronchitis. In addition, Prince Henrik was examined for coronavirus. The test was negative.”

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie's son Prince Henrik was tested for COVID-19©Getty Images
Prince Joachim and Princess Marie's son Prince Henrik was tested for COVID-19

“In consideration of Prince Henrik’s condition, the parents found it most reassuring to seek treatment at Rigshospitalet, where personnel have followed the Prince for several years. The whole family is now residing at Amalienborg,” the statement concluded.

Like Marie and Joachim, Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik moved their family back to Denmark due to the outbreak. Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, who were studying in Switzerland, had their 12-week term at Lemania-Verbier International School cut short because of the pandemic. The palace previously said, “The Crown Prince Couple find it most natural to return home and stand together with the Danish people during a time that requires much of everyone and when there is a shared responsibility for taking care of each other.”