Meghan Markle continues to shine a light on companies with a worthy cause

The Duchess of Sussex talked about her special visit to Luminary Bakery

Meghan Markle is making headlines...on social media! This week, loyal royal fans got a glimpse of the Duchess of Sussex with some behind-the-scenes footage of the 38-year-old royal in her element during a fashion shoot for her Smart Works capsule collection. And now, the Sussex Royal social media account has shared another tidbit of Meghan's life this year. According to the post, she made a secret visit to Luminary Bakery, a shop in East London that helps women in need—with a social or economic disadvantage—rebuild their lives by teaching and equipping them with skills needed in the working world through the power of baking. The post reveals that Meghan got to "break bread" with the women and listen to their stories of "personal restoration."


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Meghan Markle shed light on Luminary Bakery in her latest social media post

In the post, the Duchess of Sussex shed some light on the powerful work the bakery is doing for these women. “What they’ve created at Luminary Bakery is exceptional - it’s a space for baking, healing and rebuilding," she wrote, sharing details of her visit earlier in the year. "When I visited the women earlier this year I was struck by how the baking, itself, is a means of therapy for these women - which in many ways makes complete sense - feeling they had no control over their lives based on their previous (and often harrowing) circumstances, they found comfort in the measured nature of baking. Mixing equal parts of one ingredient and another could yield the perfect dessert, but the act of doing so provided personal balance. So while the baked goods are absolutely delicious, it’s the story of how the program at Luminary reshapes lives through baking that is the actual icing on the cake.”

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Along with the message, the post included five pictures. One sees a women putting the finishing touches on a three-tiered cake, while another sees a group of the ladies standing in front of the shop. The first picture, however, sends a powerful message with a row of cupcakes that are decorated and frosted with words of encouragement. "You are beautiful," "Be kind to yourself" and "Stay strong" are few of the messages written across the sweet treats.

This isn't the first time the Duchess of Sussex uses cuisine to send a message. During her trip to Bristol, she and Prince Harry visited One 25, a charity that helps women on the streets by providing them with clothing and food. While packing the lunches, Archie's mom picked up a sharpie and started writing empowering messages across the bananas. "You are loved" and You are strong" are a few of the messages she wrote for the women. 

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The North London bakery teaches women in need—those who have been homeless or in the prison system—how to bake

This year, Meghan served as the guest editor of the September issue of British Vogue, where she got to spotlight the special bakery in the highly-coveted magazine and wrote about the "substantial difference" the shop has made over the last five years to women in need. Not only is it providing mentoring and career support, Luminary Bakery is also providing job skills and friendships that they will carry for the rest of their lives. 

The Luminary Bakery women returned the love by baking Meghan's birthday cake for her 38th birthday. The gorgeous, carrot-flavored treat was enjoyed by the Sussex family while they quietly celebrated in Frogmore Cottage. 

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