Grace Kelly's granddaughter traces her footsteps with special trip: 'I can feel her spirit'

Prince Albert's daughter Jazmin Grimaldi had a mini family reunion in Ireland

Princess Grace’s granddaughter is following in her footsteps. After attending the royal wedding of her cousin Louis Ducruet in Monaco, Jazmin Grace GrimaldiPrince Albert’s daughter—traveled to Newport, Mayo, Ireland to visit with her paternal grandmother Grace Kelly’s family. Jazmin made the special journey to her family's "homeland" with her musician boyfriend Ian Mellencamp.


Grace Kellys granddaughter Jazmin Grimaldi follows in footsteps with special trip to IrelandVIEW GALLERY

Jazmin Grimaldi followed in her late grandmother Grace Kelly's footsteps in Ireland

“A mini Irish family reunion at the lovely #newporthouse where my Grandmother Grace visited and reconnected with the Kelly side of our family years ago,” Jazmin penned on her social media account. “It was very special to have my second visit here and trace back my Irish ancestors.”

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The 27-year-old humanitarian documented her trip, sharing photos of herself paddle-boarding at Old Head Beach and visiting with her “Aunt Annie.” Jazmin revealed, “[Annie] met and welcomed my Grandmother when Grace first visited. Anne was 19 years old and is now a sprightly 80 years young, the last in her family. The beautiful reconnecting and meeting of generations!”

Grace Kellys granddaughter Jazmin Grimaldi follows in footsteps with special trip to IrelandVIEW GALLERY

Prince Albert's daughter stayed at the same hotel Princess Grace did during her last visit

While in Ireland, Prince Albert’s firstborn stayed at the same place her famous late grandmother did during her final trip to the country before her tragic death in 1982. Alongside an image of her sitting in front of a four-poster bed, Jazmin wrote, “What a dream. Sitting and staying in the same hotel my grandmother #Gracekelly visited💕on her last trip to Ireland. I can feel her spirit.”

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Jazmin, who is an aspiring actress, has previously shared her admiration for her Oscar-winning grandmother. Back in February she paid tribute to Princess Grace writing, “My Grandmother was a talented actress and beautiful human being inside and out. I hope to follow in her footsteps and define my OWN path. If she can do it, I CAN do it! I can’t help but on every #oscars think of #Gracekelly and pay tribute to her for chasing her dreams. Congratulations Grandma and all those who are out their chasing their dreams especially to all the artists pursuing a career in the arts. You are noble and loved! Remember to NEVER GIVE UP!”

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