Meghan Markle thanked this actress for introducing her to Prince Harry

Meghan Markle and Jameela Jamil have an inside joke. The Good Place actress was featured by the Duchess of Sussex in the upcoming September issue of British Vogue. Jameela shared that although she didn’t meet the royal – who was the guest editor for the edition – she called her “warm, kind and actually very LOLs.” Initially, the 33-year-old actress didn’t know how the Duchess would feel about her. Jameela’s character Tahani claimed in one episode that she was responsible for setting up Prince Harry and Meghan on the iconic blind date. “She said she loved the Good Place,” Jameela told Grazia. “Then I felt immediately embarrassed that she had seen me joke about her on the show.”


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Jameela Jamil shared that Meghan Markle thanked her for setting her up on the blind date with Prince Harry 

During the call, Archie’s mom proved that she was in on the joke and took it in stride. “She said she’s grateful to Tahani for introducing Harry to her,” she quipped. “I just replied, ‘You’re welcome.” Meghan included the actress in the special edition along with Salma Hayek, Yara Shahidi and more powerful women. Jameela said that the Duchess was the one who actually felt the need to say sorry to her. “She explained that she’d guest-edited the issue and apologized that the whole thing had been shrouded in so much secrecy,” the 33-year-old said.

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“She said she had chosen to feature me because she’d seen what I had been doing and was a fan. To know that she had followed my work with I Weigh meant a lot.” Meghan worked closely with British Vogue for seven months for the issue. Throughout her work, the Duchess personally highlighted “forces of change.” Women who have broken boundaries to make an impact on the world that we live in. In the middle of the iconic cover which features the world leaders, actress’ and stars hand-picked by the royal is a mirror.

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The Duchess of the Sussex is the guest editor of the September edition of British Vogue 

Through this lens, I hope you'll feel the strength of the collective in the diverse selection of women chosen for the cover as well as the team of support I called upon within the issue to help bring this to light,” the 38-year-old said in a statement. “I hope readers feel as inspired as I do, by the 'Forces for Change' they'll find within these pages.”

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