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The Meghan Markle effect spans far beyond fashion. Royal onlookers don’t only want to dress like the Duchess of Sussex, but be inspired to live a similar lifestyle. Needless to say, “Meghan Markle workout” in various incarnations is a highly entered search term on the internet. The freshly 38-year-old holds a firm belief in both physical and mental wellness, and upholds that through several health commandments. While Meghan has spoken candidly about her love of yoga, her recent editor’s letter for the September issues of British Vogue gave us another insight into her favorite fitness class!

Meghan Markle makes fitness a priority in her life

The new mom elaborated on her choice workout, saying it’s one that: "puts its energy towards internal beauty, celebrating the power of breathing and meditation, and [includes] a favourite workout that urges you to use your heart as much as your core."

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And what is this magical routine? Ritual class by London-based fitness studio Heartcore - no doubt, a play on hardcore - which has ten locations. The class is a "high-energy, cardio-based mat workout incorporating elements of yoga, Pilates and barre," the description in Vogue reads – making it clear that it’s based on movements the former actress already loves.

The Duchess has always been a fan of yoga

The fitness studio adds: "Musically driven and infused with a dynamic flow of toning and conditioning moves, this class inspires endless spiritual muscle growth building awareness, resilience and renewed strength. Transforming, challenging and enlightening it'll quickly take you beyond your believed physical and mental limitations. Expect immersion on every level, upbeat vibes and a real 10/10 feel-good from the heart!"

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Meghan no doubt inherited her knack for wellness from mom Doria Ragland, who was a yoga instructor. It’s even been reported that the Duchess had a yoga studio built in her and Prince Harry’s Windsor residence Frogmore Cottage. Although we doubt the Duchess workouts in a public class these days, we’re still tempted to hop a plane to London and sign up for Ritual!

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