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Has the gender of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s baby been revealed? New reports suggest that the Duchess of Sussex, who is expecting her first child with the Prince, revealed the sex of her baby during her baby shower. A source told Us Weekly, that the Duchess revealed to her guests that she and the Duke are expecting a little boy. The former actress celebrating baby Sussex with a host of famous friends during an intimate affair at the Mark Hotel in NYC.

A new report says that Meghan Markle revealed that she is having a baby boy during her baby shower Photo: Getty Images

The news remains unconfirmed at the moment, although the décor at the event – thrown by Serena Williams – gave royal watchers the idea that she was suggesting a baby girl. In a video posted by house chef Jean-Gorges, a host of pastel flower arrangements and desserts were displayed across the table. Fans got mixed messages when it came to the which gender Meghan’s guests were celebrating as her BFF Abigail Spencer was seen with a gift bag with blue wrapping paper.


It is standard for the gender of the royal baby to remain under wraps until birth. Throughout her pregnancy, the Duchess has remained tight-lipped about the what she is having. Harry, 34, and Meghan, 37, have humored royal watchers and fans with answers to their baby related questions.

The royal baby's gender isn't revealed until they are born Photo: Getty Images

In October, shortly after the news broke, the royal shared that he wouldn’t mind having a baby girl. Harry eagerly shouted out “So do I,” during a walk about at the Invictus Games, after a fan shouted, “I hope it’s a girl.” Earlier this week, the pair shared a hilarious moment during their royal tour of Morocco. After the Duchess received congrats on her bundle, Prince Harry hilariously reacted with a surprise reaction, asking the Duchess “Is it mine?”

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