The circus is in town and the Monaco royal family couldn't be happier. Grace Kelly's children Prince Albert II and Princess Stéphanie stepped out for opening night of the Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival on Thursday, January 17. They were joined by Stéphanie's son Louis Ducruet and his lovely fiancée Marie Hoa Chevallier, each family member dressed in their monochromatic best as they celebrated the 43rd edition of the spectacle and enjoyed each performance. Stéphanie was particularly invested in the fun night as it seems she has indeed "joined the circus!" and been involved for quite some time.


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Princess Stéphanie oversees the fantastic festival each year

The 53-year-old Countess of Polignac clearly inherited her Hollywood mom's love of entertainment, as she spearheads the acclaimed circus year after year. In fact, she organizes and oversees the entire event, right down to choosing the acts that will perform. Although, she doesn't just get her creativity from the late Princess Grace. Her father Prince Rainier was actually the one who started the festival!

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A President and a Princess! Stéphanie posed with her circus group ahead of opening night

Prince Rainier created the fantastical festival back in 1974. It has since become the largest and most prestigious circus event in the world. Now under Stéphanie's leadership, it continues to feature the very best international acts around. The 43rd edition, which runs until January 27, touts incredible entertainers from acrobats to magicians to animals!

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The renowned Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival began in 1974 under Prince Rainier

On Thursday, the fabulous foursome complemented each other with their style. Woman of the hour Stéphanie put a sultry spin on "Circus President", rocking a low-cut black tuxedo. Meanwhile, her brother Albert and son Louis matched in more traditional looking suits. Louis' love Marie, who he is set to marry sometime this year, wore a chic patterned-wrap dress.

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Stéphanie was joined by all of her children for Day two of the spectacle

Princess Stéphanie was supported by her son again on day two of the circus, in addition to her other children! Her daughters' Pauline and Camille also accompanied her into the festival on Friday, January 18. Beaming from ear to ear, the sweet family outing was a stylish one, too, with the mom-of-three, again, putting her own touch on tuxedo glam.

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