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Pet of the week: Meet Zeus the Great Dane, the tallest dog in the world

Standing at 3 feet, 5.18 inches, he received the special recognition of tallest dog in the world, after his vet confirmed his height.

Every week we share our appreciation for some of the most funny, smart and adorable dogs all over the world. This week we are definitely impressed with Zeus the Great Dane, chosen by Guinness World Records for his incredible height.

“Pets records at Guinness World Records are very very popular but none really are as popular as the dog’s categories, people love dogs,“ Craig Glenday, editor-in-chief of Guinness World Records stated.

Zeus, who lives in Bedford, Texas, is admired for his long torso and legs, to this day he holds the record for being the tallest dog ever, being a majestic and noble pet, with just 2 years of age.

Zeus the great dane©Guinness World Records

Standing at 3 feet, 5.18 inches, he received the special recognition after his vet confirmed his height, making him the tallest dog in the world.

“He’s been a big dog since we got him, even for a puppy. He had huge paws,” Owner Brittany Davis revealed, detailing his diet, which includes 12 cups of ‘Gentle Giants’ dog food every day, and an occasional fried egg and bully sticks.

Zeus is already a celebrity in his hometown. “The comment that we hear most often is ‘Wow, that’s a horse!,’ ‘Can I ride him?’ or ‘Does he have a saddle?’” Davis said, adding that “The answer to all those questions is ‘no.’”

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