St. Patrick’s Day: Celebrate with these delicious drinks and simple recipes!

If you enjoy matcha, you can also try the King St. Matcha Green cocktail, just add vodka, lime juice, matcha, honey syrup and apple cider.

It’s that time of the year again! St. Patrick’s Day is among us, so we put together a list of some of the most delicious and simple drinks and snacks, just in time for a little celebration.

If you are in the mood for something sweet and creamy, Salt & Straw’s fan-favorite flavor Pots of Gold & Rainbow is back and there’s no better way to celebrate, than with a scoop of delicious ice cream.

Salt & Straw©Salt & Straw

You can always celebrate with a healthier option. Start the day with the Glorious Green Smoothie recipe, or try the Ginger Kale Smoothie for a little energy boost. You can also try the Irish Soda Bread, with these simple directions and delicious yogurt.

Stonyfield Organic/Siggi’s©Stonyfield Organic/Siggi’s

If you are a tequila lover, the Gold Fashioned is for you. You will need 2 ½ oz of Cincoro Reposado, ¼ oz teaspoons of Vermont maple syrup and 3 dashes of Angostura bitters

Just pour maple syrup, bitters, and tequila into a mixing glass filled with ice, stir until well chilled, then strain into a glass with a large ice cube. Express orange swath garnish around rim and rest inside.

Cincoro Tequila©Cincoro Tequila

Take your St. Patty’s Day celebrations to another level with the Green Myth cocktail, using 1oz of Aviation American Gin, 1oz of Dolin Blanc, 2oz of Green Chartreuse, 12oz of Cointreau and 1 Orange Peel.

Combine all ingredients into a mixing glass with Ice. Stir, then strain into glass with Ice, and Garnish with Orange Peel.

Aviation Gin©Aviation Gin

Another delectable option is the O’ Mary Gin & Tonic. You will need 1.5 oz of Aviation American Gin, 3 oz of Tonic Water, Orange Wedge and Rosemary Sprig. Pour Aviation Gin into a glass filled with Ice and top with Tonic Water. Gently stir and garnish with Orange Wedge & Rosemary Sprig.

Aviation Gin©Aviation Gin

If you enjoy matcha, you can also try the King St. Matcha Green cocktail, with 1.5oz of King St. Vodka, ¾ oz of Lime Juice, 1 Bar spoon of Matcha, ¾o z of Honey Syrup, 2 oz of Apple Cider, Soda Water and Dry Ice.

King St. Vodka©King St. Vodka

In a cocktail shaker add vodka, lime juice, matcha, honey syrup and apple cider. Add ice and shake. Double strain over a small piece of ice into the final glass, (wait until the dry ice has fully evaporated). Optional, top with soda water.

And if you want to try the perfect Irish Whiskey, you can prepare the Green Machine with 2 parts Tullamore DEW Original, Juice of 1 fresh pressed green apple (or 6 parts cloudy apple juice), 0.5 part Lemon Juice, served in a highball glass over ice, and garnish with a lemon wedge. Or make it simple with the Pickelback, which is 1 part Tullamore DEW and 1 part Pickle Juice.

Tullamore DEW©Tullamore DEW

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