Ivy Queen

‘Reina del reggaeton’ Ivy Queen tells us how she is making the most of her time home

The Puerto Rican superstar has been using this time to feel inspired and create

Just like the rest of the world, Ivy Queen has been in quarantine during this global coronavirus pandemic. During her time at home, la Reina del Reggaeton turned her feelings into a new hit that is definitely appropriate for this time. Antídoto is slightly different from her usual upbeat tempos but the message packs a serious punch. The Puerto Rican singer hopes to encourage and inspire with the song. “This time has made me more emotional as an artist, resulting in a concern about what we are going to leave for others to inherit,” she tells HOLA! USA. “This led me to name my most recent single Antídoto because we need to be aware of spreading love and faith.”

Keep reading to see what else she has been doing during this time and where she loves spending most of her days.

Ivy Queen Miami house©Ivy Queen
Ivy Queen, seen in her glam room, is just as fierce in quarantine as she is while entertaining the masses!

Current location: Miami, Florida
How many days in self-isolation: 30 days

Favorite part of your house: Glam room, bedroom and kitchen

 Favorite home-cooked meal: Empanadillas de pollo, costillas en salsa con ensalada de papas, arroz blanco con huevo frito y jamonilla con maiz :)... I am a real boricua!

At-home beauty treatment: Always moisturizers and serums for the face. Rose water is a most. Everything from body butter and mint for my feet. That is when you say thank you to your body...

Show binge-watching: Our daughter is a must watch show... but comedy or food shows entertain my mind.

How are you passing the time: I love being in my house. For me, it is not different. With this time I have more time to play and create. Creativity is part of my oxygen.

What are you doing to stay positive: Being human and breathing is a reason to feel uplifted. Life has been put on pause, but days are counting, and it is up to us to maintain our sanity and positivity.

Something you will take into life after coronavirus: That life is an opportunity; we have to live every day with love and intensity because the future is uncertain.

Message of hope for the future: Quarantine does not mean abandon yourself or let sadness be your permanent guest because it will deteriorate your heart and soul. Together we need to call upon the higher power to heal us and make us strong as we pray for this to pass.

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