Easy tips to create your own home sanctuary
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8 tips to create your own home sanctuary during social isolation

Simple changes to improve your home and transform it into a sanctuary

Life indoors can be a little draining but there are several tips to turn your home into a sanctuary. Our environment can impact our wellbeing and especially our productivity, so making your space a peaceful haven is important. Home is where we sleep, relax and many professionals work for the foreseeable future.

As we adapt to minimalist spaces and corners inside our home, we can add new elements that will transform our abodes into a stress-free sanctuary. Also, it depends on how you share your space with your family and which areas are more communal. Whether you live alone, with roommates or other family members, you can improve your lifestyle with these easy tips.

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Tip #1

Innovate your space with indoor plants. Houseplants have become a new trend among millennials and interior designers. For beginners, it is recommended to start with ZZ plants and snake plants as these are more likely to survive if you forget to water them. Choose an easy-to-care plant such as pothos or sansevieria or succulents if you are a pro at housekeeping. Indoor plants are a great way to beautify a space, boost your mood and reduce stress levels.

Tip #2

Use an aromatherapy diffuser with essential oils. Besides spreading aroma to a room, using a diffuser is an effective way to improve concentration, boost energy and promote healthy sleep. From lavender aromas to sweet chamomile, diffusers create a spa-like environment in your home. In addition, diffusers eliminate airborne bacteria in your rooms and can improve respiratory health. We recommend eucalyptus, spearmint and peppermint essential oils to eradicate any bacteria that can clog the airways.

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Tip #3

Create a soothing environment with Himalayan salt lamps or replace your light bulbs for a colored one. Lighting can impact your wellness and alertness. If your space does not have good natural light, you can invest in a Himalayan salt lamp or a lamp with dimmer control. Himalayan salt lamps have many benefits such as enhancing mood and raising energy levels. Also, it creates a relaxing atmosphere for meditation and helps to unwind before falling asleep.

Tip #4

Frame inspiring pictures and quotes. Use your empty wall space to hang inspiring images of your favorite things or create a mood board of the goals you want to achieve. Make your home sanctuary a welcoming space for others. You can also improve your home decor with an art wall gallery and use different frame sizes.

Tip #5

If you work at home opt for a performance chair with lumbar support. The way we sit and stand can impact our health and productivity. A good office chair can improve your concentration, prevent fatigue and discomfort. Many professionals suffer from back pain because they sit in an uncomfortable position. The best chairs offer adjustability, armrest, a breathable fabric, wheel base and swivel base.

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Tip #6

Rethink your music and create a playlist that is calming to your ears. Sometimes natural sounds can be distracting and music can relax and boost your mood. In celebration of Women’s History Month, HOLA! USA created a Spotify playlist with inspiring songs from Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, Demi Lovato and more. If music is distracting during work hours, you can choose an app with relaxing background noise like Calm.

Tip #7

Tidy your space with creative storage hacks. There is nothing more disruptive than having your belongings misplaced. Choose clear container bins that you can place in your closet for easy access. Keep your books and tchotchkes on mounted shelves.

Tip #8

Make your bed and choose white sheets to create a hotel-like environment. You can live the hotel life at home with this quick solution. Choose soft and comfortable sheets preferably those with a thread count between 500-800. Never compromise comfort over price. Good health starts with a good night's sleep.

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