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Dascha Polanco reveals secret weapon for working out – and how it ties to her latest project

The Orange is the New Black star’s life is coming full circle

Dascha Polanco is sharing the secret to her fitness success and it’s something everyone can try. The Orange is the New Black actress took to her social media to share a look inside of her workout. In the clip, the 36-year-old works it out on the elliptical. When Dascha pans the camera, she reveals that watching Sylvester Stallone’s classic, Rocky, is motivating her. “Cinematic while cardio, she said.

Dascha Polanco, Rocky fitness inspiration©@sheisdash
Dascha Polano shares Rocky is her biggest fitness inspiration

The Irishman star‘s cardio workout seemed to reveal another important piece of news for the actress. While watching the film during her workout, the star celebrated. “I remember when I was a little girl, now I’m going to get to work with this man.” Dascha and Sylvester are set to work alongside each other in the upcoming super hero drama, Samaritan. So far, no additional details have been released about the film.

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The mother-of-two often takes to her social media to share her fun fitness with her over 2 million followers. In her stories, and sometimes on her feed, the health-conscious actress shares clips dancing, meditating and hitting the gym. In August, the In the Heights star opened up to HOLA! USA about confidence and why she is a champion for body positivity.

“I was very careful about what would they think of me if they knew what was going," Dascha explained. "I was so self-conscious, and now I’m telling everybody you know what, you can f-ck off. Tomorrow we’re here [and] tomorrow we’re not and who the f-ck gives a f-ck. Everybody keeps on going and nobody gives a f-ck.

Dascha Polanco, body confidence©@sheisdash
Dascha Polanco talks body positivity

“I think it’s not a moment of us resisting it’s a moment of us supporting one another, evolving. Knowing the balance of what to accept. It’s okay for somebody to hold the door for you. You deserve for that door to be held. We birth. We are queens. Embrace every part. What you don’t like you fix. What you can’t fix you love and f-ck it.”

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