Camila Cabello

Hollywood stars and Grammy winners have made it big by breaking through the mold and becoming megastars in their own right, but we can’t help but wonder what some of the most talented actresses and singers of the world would be up to if their talent had not been discovered or if their record single had not made a splash in the music world.

While music or acting is of course one of their passions, celebrities like Shakira, Camila Cabello, Eva Longoria, Roselyn Sanchez and Sofia Vergara have passions outside of the entertainment world that you would never have guessed, so we’ve done the homework for you! Watch the video to find out what these celebs would be up to if they were not ruling the music charts or making waves on the small and big screens:

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Ever the romantic, Camila shared that if she weren't make hits she would have liked to work at a coffee shop in hopes of turning the movie cliché of meeting her prince charming there a reality. Back in 2018 the pop star confessed “One day I would still like to work in a coffee shop, because I have this dream of meeting someone in a coffee shop, and falling in love with them and talking to them every day. And they only come to the coffee shop to get my coffee but it’s not because my coffee’s good. It’s because they like me. I’m going to apply tomorrow to the nearest coffee shop.” **insert heart eyes emoji**

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We can only hope that these A-listers continue delighting us with their performances on the screen, their dance moves on the stage and their sweet melodies — but knowing some of their other passions makes us feel a little closer to them and makes it evident that they are humans just like us!

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