Eva Longoria Clarinet

Bradley Cooper surprised us all with his amazing voice in the stellar A Star is Born performances, but he is not the only Hollywood actor with an unexpected talent. Although best known for her charismatic personality, adorable son Santi Bastón and being a Latina Powerhouse in Hollywood, Eva Longoria was a talented clarinet player throughout her high school and college days. And Gloria Estefan, Jimmy Kimmel and Halle Berry were also band members in their pre-fame lives!

Besides being an extraordinary actress, Lupita Nyong’o is also an excellent hair braider! Lupita, who was born in Mexico and grew up in Kenya, was “morbidly disappointed” after getting her hair braided at a New York hair salon, so instead of returning to a salon for her hair needs, she took braiding lessons from her aunt in Kenya the following summer.

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After returning to college, the star gave styling hair a try as her side hustle, but she confessed that she didn't have the heart to charge anyone for her services so, "I never made any money from it.” These days, the Golden Globe and Oscar winner has her own talented hair stylist, but still loves to braid for people that she "knows, loves and trusts". 


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Angelina Jolie also has some interesting hobbies when she steps away from her full time mommy, acting and humanitarian career, she’s a master knife-thrower and a private airplane pilot! Just imagine hearing, "Welcome aboard flight number 123, this is your pilot Angelina Jolie and I hope you enjoy your flight!"

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