Latina-founded Valdé Beauty launches a jaw-dropping lipstick collection perfect for the holidays©Valdé Beauty
Futuristic designs

Latina-founded Valdé Beauty launches a jaw-dropping lipstick collection perfect for the holidays

The REFLECT Collection is inspired by the astrological practice of numerology

Valdé Beauty is coming through with the most luxurious beauty gift for the holidays. The company’s Founder & CEO, Margarita Arriagada, the mastermind behind one of the most expensive lipsticks in the world, introduced the REFLECT Collection, inspired by the astrological practice of numerology.

This new collection welcomes three Armors to the Valdé family in an all-new chrome finish and sleek, futuristic designs. Volume 07 Reflective Mind: (Rose Gold), Volume 08 Reflective Spirit: (Iridescent), and Volume 09 Reflective Heart (Red), elevate refillable beauty through unique artistry and craftsmanship.

Margarita Arriagada©Agencies
Valdé Beauty’s Founder & CEO, Margarita Arriagada,

The particularity of each chrome vessel is that it allows you to hold and interchange your Valdé lipsticks that can be switched to match your mood every day. “Hopefully, with this collection, customers can understand that you’re putting the investment pieces where you know the cost of the vessel where it belongs,” Arriagada tells HOLA! USA. “These sets will retail for $150. And so, it comes in the same storybook box.”

Valdé Beauty©Valdé Beauty
Valdé Beauty

REFLECT Collection


REFLECT Collection©Agencies

This lavish Rose Gold vessel reflects elegance, grace, and our courage to be who we want to be. It represents the number 07, which in numerology describes intellectuals, deep thinkers, philosophers, and scholars. “Rosegold obviously is a super feminine and super popular color, and for us, it represents elegance and grace,” the businesswoman assures. “It also reflects our courage to be who we want and what we want to be.”


REFLECT Collection©Agencies

Made from the spectrum of colors collectively found as light passes through prisms, this vessel mirrors our ability to shift in harmony with the universe constantly. Like each of us, each piece is unique; no two are alike. It represents number 08 in our volume of vessels – a number of the strength to overcome the material world and live authentically. Culturally, 8 is associated with the infinite and eternal.


REFLECT Collection©Agencies

Red is the quintessential color of love, but it is also reflective and fluid, creating a pulse and rhythm of energy that vibrates in each of us. It represents the number 09 in our volume of vessels – the most powerful number in numerology as it represents fulfillment and engaging with life meaningfully. In many cultures, it means the maximum level of happiness, longevity, and good luck.

“This one is about the pureness of love without attachment,” Margarita says. “Love without attachment. It is true love. If you can love yourself and others unconditionally, the powerful vibration that results from it creates freedom and harmony. The number nine in numerology represents fulfillment and flow. It also shows that you’ve lived and learned and engaged with life in a meaningful conscious manner. I mean, culturally, it represents the maximum level of happiness, longevity, and good luck. I wanted to launch this vessel particularly as the holiday is coming up, and then we transition into the lunar year, and then we transition into Valentine’s, but this is the ultimate expression of love.”

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