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The safest hair dyes to use while pregnant

Before making an appointment with your hairstylist or doing it yourself, always ask your physician

Some things are inevitable when you’re pregnant. But you don’t have to sacrifice beauty as long as you take certain precautions. There are a few ingredients you should never put over your body when you are expecting; luckily, some hair dyes are not part of the list.

Once your first trimester is over, you can cover your roots! Before making an appointment with your hairstylist or doing it yourself, always ask your physician; since there is little to no information regarding this subject, your doctor might advise you to dye your hair after your fourth month of gestation to avoid interrupting the significant development for your baby is going through.


The safest way to dye your hair

According to What to Expect, although you won’t absorb much of the chemicals in hair dye through your scalp, there are safest techniques that minimize risks.

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While root touch-ups and a root-to-tip color change are procedures where dye is applied to the hair and scalp, safer alternatives you can try are highlights, lowlights, frosting, and streaking. These methods are used only on the hair and should not involve any contact with the skin.

Always dye your hair in a well-ventilated area

Whether going to the hair salon or dying your hair in your home, always make sure to crack a window —or two— open to breathe fresh air. Grab a face mask and avoid long conversations, so you don’t have to open your mouth constantly.

Cover your skin if you are dying your hair at home


Gloves, long sleeve shirts, and a towel over your shoulders are your go-to tools before coloring your hair. If dye falls on your skin, grab a wet tissue and remove it immediately.

Best or safest hair dyes to use while pregnant

The type of dye is vital because you always want to go with gentler, ammonia-free options. Semi-permanent color, vegetable, and henna dyes are also less toxic and good options for you.

Find below a few options you might want to consider

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