Eva Longoria beauty interview Paris Fashion Week

Eva Longoria talks to ¡HOLA! about parenting, beauty tips and diversity

The actress reevaled her makeup must-haves, and why it is important to support inclusiveness with events like L’Oreal Le Défilé, where HOLA! had the chance to talk to her

With more than seven million followers on her social media, Eva Longoria is without a doubt, one of the most loved actresses in the world. Her role as Gaby in Desperate Housewives birthed her international stardom, and since then, she has become an in-demand actress, producer and a generous philanthropist.

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Eva welcomed her first child, adorable baby Santi, 15 months ago and shed light women and post-birth topics by normalizing the conversation on social media: “I gave my body the time needed to recover, I just had a baby! I had just created a new human being so I was not too tough on myself,” she explained during an interview this summer.

Since he was born, Santiago Enrique Baston, (baby Santi for us, his die-hard fans), has become his mom’s go-to plus one at important events and on the red carpet.  Recently, the cute mom-and-son shared a special  moment together  at L’Oreal Le Défilé, when Eva walked the runway with Santi in her arms. Our colleague Amaia León from HOLA.com had the chance to talk to her just before the event kicked off and the actress welcomed us with a big smile.

Eva received the ¡HOLA! team in this spectacular golden dress

¡HOLA!: This is the second time you have taken part in Le Défilé as L’Oréal Paris brand ambassador, what’s the thing that attracted you the most about it?

EVA LONGORIA: I love Paris Fashion Week, it’s chic, pure glamour. But I also love Le Défilé as it is very inclusive and open for the public, for the fans, for all the people interested in this combination of fashion and beauty. I love the fact that the Ambassadors come from different parts of the world, India, Korea, Brazil… It’s a show that displays all different cultures.

Do you think that the fashion and beauty industries are doing enough regarding diversity and inclusiveness, or there´s a still long way to go?

Both. It is very important to work with brands as L’Oréal Paris. They are including women from all over the world as spokespeople, because beauty is different in every culture and every country. L’Oréal Paris has always worked like that, and now other brands are following their path because it’s trendy, but also because they are aware we live in a global community, we don’t live in Spain or the United States, we live on planet Earth all together, and we have to celebrate and live each culture, not only in fashion and beauty but also on activism and philanthropist levels.

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Social media has had a direct impact on the globalization you talk about…

Yes, we are more connected now. I use social media a lot, and the majority of my followers are from Paris, followed by Ciudad de Mexico people!

Since you had your baby, Santiago, your life has changed completely, has your beauty routine changed too?

Of course! I don’t have time! I need something quick and easy, especially to look after my skin because I don’t have time to use ten different products. Also in makeup, I normally just put the mascara on and done. Plus, I’m always kissing my baby, so either I don´t wear lipstick or I use a long-lasting one that stays there!

Baby Santi sweet kiss to mom on the catwalk, our hearts are melting!

Now you even put the makeup on with your baby in your arms…

Yes, he’s always in my arms when the stylists are doing my hair or makeup. He’s always playing with the brushes and blenders, I think he’s going to be a makeup professional when he’s a grown-up!

Does he have fun when he attends red carpet events with you, or at events like Le Défilé?

Yes, I am always working so it’s the only option that I have to include him in my life.

Can you tell us a beauty tip that you’ve learned in the backstage of events like Le Défilé?

For a fashion show like this, I love fake lashes, but I think the most important thing for the perfect makeup is to have healthy skin. Some people think makeup will hide all the imperfections, but that’s not true, we need to look after our skin.

What´s your best advice for glowing skin?

Always use sunscreens. You need to look after your skin for the future, the skin you are protecting now with creams, treatments and sunscreens is the skin you’ll have in 20 years.

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