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Everyone has their ritual before a big red carpet like the Met Gala, but none are as lavish as Gwyneth Paltrow's $1,000 beauty routine. In a new blog post to her lifestyle website goop, the 46-year-old actress details every single product she used to prep for the big night. Martini baths, serums and, of course, superpowder drinks are just a few of the items she used in her (AGAIN) $1,000  beauty prep before strutting the pink carpet in a gorgeous lemon-chiffon Chloé gown. Keep scrolling to see all the ~luxe~ details!

Gwyneth Paltrow shares her $1,000 beauty routine before the 2019 Met Gala

First things first, Gwyneth likes to take a "Martini" bath ($35) the night before a red carpet because of its stress-reducing benefits. Featuring Himalayan pink salts and chia seed oils, this emotional detox bath is just the fix after a hectic day. “I’d had a crazy day of meetings and flights and dinner, so I needed this bath," she says. "I take a bath every night, but I especially love ‘The Martini’ when I’ve got a big event the next day. It’s got five kinds of salt in it, amazing essential oils. It’s just epic.” 

After the bath, the actress applies the GoopGlow overnight night peel ($125) to exfoliate and brighten the skin. “It takes three seconds, and there’s nothing like the glow you get the next day. I knew for the Met I was going to be wearing more makeup than I usually do—the plan was to go a little more intense with eyeliner—so feeling great about my skin was especially important," she explains. "I think the more makeup you’re wearing, the more you want your natural glow to shine through.” 

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The day of the Met Gala, Gwyneth started by drinking a big glass of GOOPGLOW ($60). The morning skin superpowder reduces the free radical effects of the sun, pollution and stress. “This is an every-morning ritual but even more important when I want to look my best," she says. As for the benefits? "It’s an antioxidant superpowder that wakes up your skin and makes a serious difference in it all day and long-term," she explains. "Plus, it’s delicious—fresh and citrusy.” 

Before applying Met Gala makeup, she preps her skin thoroughly. First, she cleanses with goop’s Luminous Melting balm cleanser ($90) to purify and moisturize, then she presses the Vintner’s Daughter Active Treatment Essence ($225) into her skin. “It’s bracing, and it smells like apple-cider vinegar,” she says. Afterwards, she adds Vintner's Active Botanical Serum ($185) to nourish.    “My skin can get dry, and this stuff is super nourishing.” 

The actress shared the details in a blog post to her lifestyle website goop 

And then comes the main event—the makeup. For her Met Gala look, she opted for a neutral look that required only four products—the Khol eyeliner ($20), Phyto-pigments liquid liner ($20), eyeshadow compact ($45) and the Phyto-pigments ultra-natural mascara ($24). These four items combined created the "sexy, slightly smokey eye."

Finally, Gwyneth ended her routine with a spritz of goops's Shiso eau de parfum ($165), which she describes as a scent of "crushed leaves and stems," and a touch of the "pretty and sheer" Olio E Ossum lip balm ($28). On her way out the door, she takes a shot because according to her, you “gotta have some whiskey before the Met.” 

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