Gina Rodriguez, Eiza Gonzalez, Salma Hayek

How to wear the perfect lipstick shade like these Latinx stars

Gina Rodriguez, Eiza González and Salma Hayek know the perfect shade of lipstick to wear. Here is how you can find the right hue for you.

Actress Gina Rodriguez, telenovela star Eiza González and Hollywood icon Salma Hayek know which lipsticks to use for their skin tone. These talented Latin actresses are trend setters and we are always impressed by their fashion looks. Find out how to rock the perfect lip color like these glamorous ladies. HOLA! USA talked to Adline Sánchez, a certified makeup artist and beauty expert, to learn about the best shades that fit Latinas and their skin tone (because we run the gamut in terms of shade!). Here is all you need to know.

Salma Hayek poses for a selfie looking glamorous in a muted neutral lipstick. Photo: Instagram/salmahayek

"Knowing your undertone is important when it comes to learning which colors look best on your skin tone," the makeup artist told HOLA! USA. Latinas are known to take risks with bold and vibrant colors, especially when it comes to makeup. After all, who doesn't love a classic red lip? Sánchez explained that there are three types of undertones: cool, warm and neutral. The easiest way to find yours is by looking at the veins on the inside of your wrist.

"If your veins have a purple or blue tint, you have cool undertones. If they are green, you have warm undertones and if they are blue and green, you have a neutral undertone," the experts confirms. Knowing this can help you identify, not only which lipstick to use, but which foundation, concealer, correctors and much more. In the case of Salma Hayek, the neutral lip color that she is wearing in the above photo, looks fantastic on her warm skin tone. Learning about the different shades will help you step up your make up game!

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Eiza González looks stunning with her minimalistic makeup featuring a nude lip. Photo: Instagram/eizagonzalez

Once you know your undertone, you can explore the colors that best fit you. Our beauty expert mentioned that darker shades like browns and burgundy fit warmer tones, while purples tend to suit cool undertones. If you're a cool-toned Latina like Eiza González, this bright pink lip will fit you perfectly. Do you have a neutral skin tone? You've got it made! People with neutral tones can pull off any shade. 

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Gina Rodriguez rocking a red lipstick at the 'Miss Bala' premiere. Photo: Instagram/hereisgina

Gina Rodriguez is one of the lucky ones! Her neutral skin tone allows her to rock any color. This vibrant red looks great on her! Remember that when applying lipstick, you must first use a lipliner to define and accentuate them. 

Looking for the perfect nude lipstick? Our beauty expert teaches us how to find that ideal color. "A funny way to find your perfect nude lipstick is to match it to the color of your areola." This might sound silly but if you think about it, it makes total sense!

It is important to remember the following: although undertones can help you find the best shade, you can rock any shade you'd like. These Latinas are not scared of experimenting with color and neither should you!

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