Salma Hayek grey hair

Many people out there (including celebs) fear the inevitable power of time. Especially when it brings about pesky signs of aging such as grey hairs. But let your worries subside. Salma Hayek is showing that besides the fact that no one should be afraid of rocking a swimsuit at any age, we should also all embrace our beautiful scalps even when they include a handful of white hairs. 

"Proud of my white hair," Salma Hayek wrote in a new Instagram selfie where she flaunts her grey hairs Photo: Instagram/salmahayek

The Mexican actress posted a flawless picture of herself up close and au naturel. "#Proud of my white hair," she captioned the stunning selfie before translating it into Spanish: "Orgullosa de mis canas." 

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Many fans praised her for embracing her age, including rockstar Lenny Kravitz who simply wrote, "You are stunning." In the past, the 52-year-old brunette beauty has also accentuated her grey hair at red carpets, including the 2018 Academy Awards, where she wore a gorgeous updo with braids and clearly put a spotlight on the silver strands in her luscious locks. 

During the 2018 Academy Awards, the Mexican actress wore an updo that highlighted her strands of grey hairs

If you're wondering what Salma would look like with a full head of grey hair, then you're in luck! Her upcoming flick The Hummingbird Project (in theaters March) sees the actress sporting a silver do thanks to celebrity stylist Jennifer Yepez. And as expected, she looks absolutely stunning

Besides her hair, Salma is completely welcoming her age and has always been honest about being a woman in her fifties. “I will sometimes say, ‘I am 50 years old! Why do I have to look good? I already got my guy!,’" she told The Edit. "But then, I don’t want to lose the guy, either.” 

In conclusion: Embrace your canas!

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