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Get all the details on the Bento Box school lunch trend

Create nutritious school lunch meals using a bento box

The bento box school lunch trend is still going strong. This popular way to pack school lunches is a great way for children to eat a more nutritious lunch, using a multiple compartment system. The majority of bento boxes are also designed to be leakproof, which is a huge plus. This helps to prevent food from spilling or leaking out which is another great benefit of this style of a lunch box. They are also eco-friendly, eliminating the use of plastic baggies or foil wrap since the multiple compartments allow for food to be easily placed and organized into different compartments.

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So what is the difference between a bento box and a traditional school lunch box? The traditional school lunch box only has one or two compartments, so all food items are placed within the same compartment(s). This does not really allow for multiple different food items to be packed. It also doesn’t really make the lunch box very food friendly for other food items besides pretty much sandwiches.

The bento box originated in Japan and is a lunch box with several different food compartments. It has multiple compartments so that different types of food items from different food groups can be placed. Traditional bento boxes usually have about four to five compartments so that food from essential food groups can be placed (Dairy, fruits, grains, vegetables, and protein). This allows you to pack a variety of food items from different food groups, to create one uniform nutritious lunch meal, that will give your child a meal with essential vitamins and nutrients.

Bento lunch boxes are also very visually and come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes that can range from larger size lunch boxes that have several compartments, to smaller size lunch boxes with three compartments, to stackable lunch boxes with two to three stackable containers, which may also be divided into separate individual compartments as well. These separate compartments also help to showcase all of the beautiful colors of the individual food items in an organized way.

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Japanese parents also make cute designs with the food to get children excited to eat their lunch

Bento boxes also help to facilitate healthier eating. It is a great way to incorporate more whole foods into your child’s meals. It also allows your child to get many essential vitamins and nutrients from the packed fruits and vegetables and other food items from other food groups. A healthy well-balanced meal not only provides our children with essential vitamins and nutrients, but it gives them the fuel and energy needed to stay focused and have enough energy to get through the busy school day.