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Chef José Andrés meets Hamilton: the only fried rice recipe you need

The Spanish chef shares the fastest fried rice recipe we’ve ever seen

As many of us are being socially responsible and self-quarantining in the comfort of our homes, many celebrities (like Dayanara Torres) and celebrity chefs like Massimo Bottura of Italy and José Andrés of Spain are going on social media to share recipes that they are cooking up for their families at home. Anything from pastas to fried rice, celeb chefs are getting creative with their meals. Case in point: José Andrés and his Hamilton fried rice. While with his daughters, the chef proved his culinary skills when he made fried rice within the time limit of a popular song from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit play Hamilton.

He captioned the video, “Today my daughters and I, we are making Fried Rice for #RecipesForThePeople. And of course we are listening to Hamilton … during these times we are not throwing away our shots.. or our leftover vegetables! @WCKitchen” The recipe he shared goes as follow: “Get everything cut & ready before you start cooking … because once you turn on the heat, it goes quick!! Mince some ginger if you have it (garlic if you don’t .. or nothing) and chop up all of the vegetables you have in small bite-size pieces – carrots, Chinese cabbage, leeks, scallions, celery, onions, cauliflower, broccoli … you get the idea.

He continued, “Take some peas out of the freezer, some corn in a can, hell .. if it’s a vegetable it’s good! If you have any meat leftover you can cut that up too, because vegetables LOVE a little meat for flavor. Scramble some eggs, or use leftovers from breakfast, and have a bowl of cooked rice from last night ready. Then you cook!” He ended the recipe, “Heat up olive oil in a pan and cook the ginger until it smells so so good, then add the vegetables & keep stirring. Add a little salt and taste … ALWAYS taste while you’re cooking to make sure it’s how you want it. When the vegetables are getting a little soft, toss in your eggs, your rice, some soy sauce and sauté for like 2-3 more minutes .. .and then you have your Fried Rice!

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