Paris Rodríguez
NYFW Spotlight

Meet Paris Rodríguez: the Latina designer empowering women entrepreneurs at NYFW

The Colombian designer who has dressed celebs such as Becky G will now take on New York Fashion week

Colombian designer Paris Rodríguez announced that she will be participating in New York Fashion Week (NYFW) with a unique runway show that breaks the mold by using women entrepreneurs instead of models to walk the runway.

The latina designer has an impresive career trajectory, from styling for top fashion publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Maxim, Maxwell, L’Officiel, Cosmopolitan, HOLA!, to participating and showcasing her designs in international fashion shows, events and runways in Colombia, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Mexico.

Paris Rodríguez©Paris Rodríguez

Currently based in the U.S. Paris has had the opportunity to dress celebrities such as Becky G, Paty Cantú, Alejandra Ambrosi, Stephanie Salas, Maite Perroni and others. Her creations are said to be distinguished by a contemporary style that highlights the female form with garments made with a careful selection of textiles and excellent quality.

Now Rodríguez is making a splash in New York during one of the most important weeks of the fashion industry. The designer is inviting five prominent businesswomen to deliver a message of empowerment on a NYFW runway. Although, she has not released the names of these women yet, her fashion show will only feature women/models working on their ongoing startups.

Paris Rodríguez©Paris Rodríguez
Paris Rodríguez designs, including one worn by Latina superstar, Becky G

“Each dress will represent the emotions that an entrepreneur has to live day by day to fulfill the dream in her heart. My purpose with this show is to inspire Latinos to fulfill their dreams.”

After New York Fashion Week, Paris will launch a new project, “Emprende Hoy”, which aims to guide Latinos who dream of entrepreneurship, by showing them how to raise capital to start their business and by sharing her expertise and experience.

HOLA! USA had the chance to ask this rising Latina designer a few questions about how her love for fashion began, how she stays creative and about her new project

How did your love for fashion begin? Have you always known you wanted to be a fashion designer?

Indeed. Since I was 8, I knew it was my passion. I walked through Times Square along with my aunt and I told her it was my big dream and I would accomplish it!

You came back to Colombia after high school. What drove you back at that moment in your life?

It was the manufacturing industry. I’ve always wanted to understand how clothes are made, and how my country was capable of exporting to so many places in the world. I also wanted to provide jobs to low-income latin people.

How do you keep yourself creative? What inspires your designs?

It runs in my veins… I can’t live without making fashion, I love what lies behind: interacting, hiring, sharing, and working in a team in every collection. I’m inspired by every experience I have in my life, our collections always tell a story, and what I’m feeling at that moment.

Paris Rodríguez©Paris Rodríguez

How did you end up dressing Becky G, Paty Cantú, Alejandra Ambrosi, Stephanie Sala, Maite Perroni?

It was the result of our long years working, since the beginning we’ve been loyal to our purpose by making handmade pieces with a very special care.

You must be extremely proud of having a fashion show in the New York Fashion Week, it’s an outstanding achievement. When you started, did you ever imagine or dream of being one of the best latin women in this important event for the industry?

I always dreamt of being in New York selling in stores, and inspiring latin people, but never expected for this big chance to happen so soon. A big part of this milestone comes from my education, since I spend several years in workshops, factories and fashion trade shows in Latin-America!

Paris Rodríguez©Paris Rodríguez

Please tell us about your new project “Emprende Hoy”?

This project was born because of my purpose in life. I always wanted to help and give a message through fashion. One day, this company appears along with a great opportunity to learn how to get money and relief to do what I love. I told myself this was what entrepreneurs and business owners need: a path to have their own funding, and guidance by a great team of people!

Which was the best advice you were given to keep your dream of being a fashion designer?

Believing in myself, having discipline, and making it happen!