Camila Alves

Camila Alves makes a statement with pink paisley dress

Camila Alves was spotted looking absolutely radiant in New York City this week.

The Brazilian-American model and designer was seen wearing a longsleeve floral paisley dress in pink and black. Alves wore a belt at her waist with gold accents, with her volumunous dark hair flowing down past her shoulders.

Carrying a cup of coffee in her hand, the 40-year-old finished her look with a pair of black boots and some more gold accessories, including a ring and hoop earrings.

Camila Alves©GrosbyGroup

While in New York, Camila talked to Entertainment Tonight’sRachel Smith on Tuesday, where she was surprised to learn that her 10th wedding anniversary with husband Matthew McConaughey is coming up soon.

“Matt and I are not good with dates with our marriage,” Alves admitted. “We go back and forth all the time.”

The couple, who got married back in 2012, had a similar conversation when they had friends over to their house a few years back.

Camila Alves©GrosbyGroup

“I had my tequila already and I was just feeling very feisty and I was going back to Matt like, ‘No, you got the date wrong.’ And he goes, ‘No, you got the date wrong,’” Camila recalled. “We’re going back and forth and my friend wanted a beer, so I’m looking for a beer and I had one of the koozies. I opened the drawer to grab a koozie and right there -- I started cracking up so bad -- it was a koozie from our wedding, and both Matthew and I were wrong.”

After confirming her wedding date with the publication, Alves joked, “OK, I need to write it down. Somebody write it down. I need a reminder for this.”

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