Princess Talita on her fashion legacy: 'I try not to be bothered by what others expect from me'

The 20-year-old is Diane von Fürstenberg's granddaughter

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Talita von Fürstenberg is continuing the family legacy. This year, the 20-year-old American fashion royal (and Diane von Furstenberg's granddaughter) introduced the world to the next generation of fashion with the launch of her capsule collection aptly named TVF.

Her grandmother's fashion house DVF made the "wrap" dress a fashion staple in the industry, and in the same way, Talita is creating pieces (think bright, airy midi dresses and two piece sets) that are essentials in every women's closet. "It can be a little discouraging to be attached to a name and a brand with such history and tradition," she tells us. "The Diane von Fürstenberg brand has created iconic pieces for 40 years, but I try not to be bothered by what others expect from me." 



Diane von Fürstenberg's granddaughter spoke to us about following in her grandmother's fashion footsteps

The designer knew at a young age that she'd want to follow in her grandmother's fashion footsteps. At age nine, she accompanied her to a runway show in Italy and lent a little hand backstage with the models. But besides creating timeless pieces she also learned a valuable lesson from her grandmother—to give back. With her success, she wants to implement philanthropy into her fashion. 

She's currently juggling studying International Relations at Georgetown University and prepping for her next collection (there are two a year). And much like Diane gave a generation of women an iconic and timeless look, Talita is working towards giving the next wave of women an iconic style that speaks to them and because it's 2019, that look begs to be liked and double tapped on social media feeds.

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"Social media has created a culture where we all depend on getting approval from others. We want as many people as possible to tell us that we’re beautiful," she explains. "We should focus more on self-love and less on that false virtual love. Because of social media, there’s constant pressure on the women of my generation to be ‘perfect specimens.’ I wanted to bring some fun to fashion with my collection."

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"The Diane von Fürstenberg brand has created iconic pieces for 40 years, but I try not to be bothered by what others expect from me."

Many women around the world are already obsessed with Talita's designs. From royals (Princess Maria Olympia) to celebs (Sofia Richie, Kaia Gerber), it's clear that every woman wants a TVF design in their wardrobe. 

Originally written by Martín Bianchi.

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