Adrienne Bailon’s new 'Heirloom' collection honors pearls and her familia

The new XIXI collection is here just in time for a fall refresh

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but there’s nothing like pearls to get you feeling like a million bucks. And now, thanks to Adrienne Bailon’s new stunning collection for her jewelry brand XIXI, we’ve come to love them even more. Not only do they evoke glamour and elegance, this collection is also about celebrating the family legacy. This is why the former Cheetah Girl features all her familia – including her mamá and sister for the new campaign. The pieces range between $20 and $40 and are all made with gorgeous real pearls.


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The XIXI founder poses with her mother, sister and nieces for a breathtaking photo with the new jewels

Excited about the launch, next to an inspiring picture of Adrienne standing with her family, on the sands of a beautiful beach, the 35-year-old wrote, “My mother wrote these words...Familia. Strength, support for one another, unconditional love. This is what familia means to me. I pray that my daughters always remember this & pass it down to my grandchildren.”

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The photo shows her and her loved ones all dressed in pristine white clothing – perfect for the beachy backdrop. Other campaign shots feature Adrienne’s beautiful nieces, who were little helpers with the designs of the new collection. Explaining the inspiration behind the covetable assortment, XIXI shared a note from the designer and founder.

Adrienne Bailon family pictureVIEW GALLERY

The Heirloom collection is all about family legacy

“I was so excited to create a collection using real pearls! I’ve always loved pearls. They’ve consistently been so beautiful, valuable and symbolic to pass down from generation to generation,” reads the caption next to a stunning photo of Adrienne wearing the Large Pearl Hoops. “I couldn’t wait to wear my mother’s pearls! Now with this collection we’ve given pearls some edge yet they hold true to their classic beauty.”

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All the pieces in the Heirloom collection are made to make you feel special and are ideal for layering and wearing every day thanks to their dainty statement details. Be sure to grab before they sell out!

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