In the past, H&M Studio Collection has debuted their limited edition and ultra-luxe statement pieces on the runways of Paris Fashion Week. But why stick to the usual catwalk when you could use an entire desert as your runway? To unveil the SS19 collection, H&M Studio decided to swap Paris for Sedona and debut their new campaign in a unique and immersive theater experience, where each piece is complimented by Arizona's epic landscape sitting in the background. 

h&m VIEW GALLERY H&M Studio SS19 collection is inspired by the "glam explorer" Photo: Lachlan Bailey

Inspired by "The Glam Explorer," the SS19 collection features a variety of pieces that are tailored for the ultimate travel girl who thrives in nature, but also loves to dress up. “The starting point for the S/S19 collection was a photograph of mineral ponds in the desert in Utah," said H&M Studio concept designer Angelica Grimborg. "The rainbow colours in this red canyon landscape, which looks like it could be Mars, were so inspiring. The minerals are natural, even though they look man-made and synthetic. It got us thinking about escapism and wanderlust. We’ve built the collection around the idea of a glamorous explorer and her luxurious lifestyle.”

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As seen in the campaign's photos, there are lots of pretty pieces and accessories to choose from. The best part? The collection is designed to mix and match all the items together. Think patterned dresses paired with leather sandals, zebra-print blouses coupled with matching zebra-print scarves and earrings, and loose-knit sweaters worn over high-waisted cargo shorts. “With H&M Studio we are always thinking about wardrobe options, designing versatile pieces that can be worn in lots of different ways," Angelica said. "The joy with this collection is that there is numerous girly, white cotton pieces, but then there are also elements of Eighties power-dressing, with strong shouldered silhouettes, sequins and lots of animal print. You can be eclectic, bohemian, sporty or glamorous – it’s all about what suits your personality.”

H&MVIEW GALLERY "We’ve built the collection around the idea of a glamorous explorer and her luxurious lifestyle," explained H&M Studio concept designer Angelica Grimborg Photo: Lachlan Bailey

Prices range from $9.99 to $199, and every item achieves that "effortless glamour," but if you really want a daring outfit, pair different materials together.  "I would style the sequin skirt, for example, with a simple white linen shirt with a sport neckline," Angelica shared. "It’s always about the contrast: you can be really sophisticated but there is a low-key edge that makes it modern.”

The H&M Studio SS19 collection is now available in stores and online

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