In terms of style, Jennifer Lopez rarely disappoints. It doesn’t matter if she wears a monochrome designer ensemble, or a colorful athletic outfit - she always looks spectacular! However, accessories are a must and sunglasses are essential to today’s fashion trends. The latest? Sunglasses with large frames and polarized lenses, which she has worn on multiple occasions.

The Bronx Diva’s favorites? The Alien model from the British brand For Art’s Sake. These glasses perfectly combine style and technology as they are handmade, futuristic and avant-garde. Made of stainless steel, some of them even have polarized lenses which protect your eyes from UV rays while adding an extra touch of glamour.

Jennifer López es fanática de los lentes de sol oversizedVIEW GALLERY

Same model, different colors

One of the perks of these sunglasses is the spectrum of colors they’re sold in, and Jenny from the Block has taken full advantage of this. She wore the Alien-Black model in metallic black - a hue that accentuates the geometric lines of the frame, bridge, and rods - with an impressive Versace printed jumpsuit and a few days later with a sporty look of leggings and a top to go to the gym.

Los lentes de sol tipo espejo de la misma marca son otro de sus esencialesVIEW GALLERY

To attend the program A New Day, the actress and singer opted for a silver-lensed version with a bit of an ombré effect that complemented the striking yellow dress she wore that day. After seeing J.Lo with another pair of the same glasses, we think it’s safe to say it’s her latest obsession.

One accessory for various looks

JLo is an international style icon and she certainly knows that the same accessory - in this case the FAS sunglasses - can complement more than one look. JLo proves this to be true in a photo from her last vacation where she’s posing in a sensual orange bathing suit with strategically-placed cut-outs and sporting those trendy specs. The glam effect was instantly assured.


J.Lo combina sus lentes de sol con su vestimenta ¡siempre!VER GALERÍA

Whether in pink, blue, silver or champagne, Jenny's favorite accessory this season - that you can find at Saks Fifth Avenue for $215 - inspires us to take our time in front of the mirror and find the perfect frames for our faces. We can go from pantsuit to swimsuit in these versatile sunglasses… they elevate any outfit. If sunglasses can make us look as good as the Latina superstar, we’ll never leave the house without them!

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