Kate Middleton pays tribute to Bhutan with her orange Beulah gown

Kate Middleton cleaned up nicely on Friday evening following her grueling six-hour trek. The Duchess of Cambridge changed out of her hiking gear and into a stunning orange Beulah gown to attend the U.K. Bhutan Reception at the Taj Tashi Hotel.

The 34-year-old wore the Juliet Flower Spirit dress from the British label's collection. The pleated chiffon gown was a nod to the visiting royal's host country with its poppy prints - Bhutan's national flower is the poppy.

Kate chose this Beulah dress for the formal reception Photo: Getty Images

The sheer sleeved, v-neck gown retails for $1,057 on the brand's website. Beulah is one of Kate's favorite labels and has worn pieces from the label in the past, so it is no surprise she decided to pack a frock from the designer for her tour of India and Bhutan.

The Juliet Flower Spirits gown features poppy prints Photo: BeulahLondon.com


The stylish mom-of-two and Prince William were on hand at the formal reception, which celebrated relations between Britain and Bhutan. Earlier in the day, the royal couple showed off their sporty side embarking on a taxing six-hour hike to the sacred Tiger's Nest Monastery.

The couple embarked on a six-hour hike earlier in the day Photo: Getty Images

During their journey, the two shared a rare moment of public affection. William and Kate linked hands as they ascended the mountain together and were photographed walking arm-in-arm.

At the end of their trek, the future king admitted to reporters that he missed his young children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. "Massively yes, of course. And we're looking forward to seeing them," he said. Though the parents revealed that they have talked with their little ones "many times" since being gone.

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