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Kate Perry stars in new animated film and her character is just as magical as she is

“What resonated for me with Melody and her character is the overall storyline that has to do with self confidence,” Katy confessed.

Katy Perry is becoming a magical pop star in the new animated film ‘When I’m Gone’ directed by Jeremy Zag. The 37-year-old singer, who recently revealed her plans to have a second baby with Orlando Bloom, shared more details about her new character Melody.

The artist shared some dreamy photos of her character on social media, with the caption “Hi, I’m Melody!” who was described by Deadline as “a kind-hearted, insecure singer who must overcome the evil plans of Rose Stellar, a jealous wicked pop queen who has vowed to destroy her.”

The photos Katy posted on Instagram show Melody playing the guitar in her bedroom, with many posters of her idol Rose Stellar, showing fans her magical qualities and desire to become a star.

Katy Perry on Instagram©Cross Creek Pictures

“Set against the backdrop of New York City, Melody will take audiences on an adventure of song, laughter and heroic quest. In her arsenal, Melody has seven musical notes that set her apart and have magical qualities and help guide her moral compass,” the description reads.

It was revealed that Katy will be writing and recording an original song for the movie, and she has confessed that she relates to her character, referencing her own struggles with self-confidence.

“What resonated for me with Melody and her character is the overall storyline that has to do with self confidence. I’ve realized in laying the foundation for my own child to be fearless, confident and brave, that you cannot have enough films with such strong themes of empowerment,” she admitted.

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