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Becky G says ‘Spirit Untamed’ made her proud to be a Mexicana in this exclusive interview

Listen to Becky G’s song ‘You Belong’ here

Get ready for June 4th because an epic adventure awaits. Spirit Untamed, a sequel to the 2002 Oscar-nominated animated film Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, tells the story of Fortuna “Lucky” Prescott (Isabella Merced) who never really knew her mother Milagro Navarro (Eiza Gonzales) who passed away. Lucky, isn’t a fan of rules and restrictions while worries her Aunt Cora (Julian Moore). But when Lucky does one too many risky escapades, Cora picks up and moves them back with Lucky’s father, Jim (Jake Gyllenhaal) in Miradero. Lucky is unimpressed until she meets “Spirit,” a wild Mustang that years for the same independence. When a heartless horse wrangler plans to capture Spirit and is heard to auction them off to a life of captivity and heart labor, Lucky enlists in her new friend to do everything to stop them. The adventure of a lifetime helps Lucky discover a connection to her mother‘s legacy and to her Mexican heritage like she never expected. Latin music sensation Becky G has a new original song called “You Belong” featured in the film and HOLA! USA had the opportunity to talk to the singer about the song. Read the exclusive interview and listen to the song below.

On top of it all, the Mexican heritage and culture throughout the film made me very proud to be Mexicana! [Becky G]

You have so much to be proud of right now including this beautiful song featured in the new ‘Spirit Untamed’ movie. What was it like when you found out you would be performing a song in the film?

My manager called me during the lockdown, asked if I would want to be a part of the soundtrack and I was immediately all in. I was a huge fan of the first Spirit movie, so being a part of this beautiful new version was a full-circle moment for me.

Have you had a chance to see the film yet? What did you think?

I feel very ‘Lucky’ (haha, get it!?) to have had the chance to see this already and I absolutely loved it. I can really relate to it because the relationship I have with my mother is so special to me and she is the woman I look up to and who empowers me. When I’m on stage, I am fearless because I know I have a support system that is always rooting for me and will be there no matter what. In the film, you get to go on that journey as Lucky connects with her mother and her legacy. On top of it all, the Mexican heritage and culture throughout the film made me very proud to be Mexicana!

The song is different than the Latin music space you’ve been in for the last couple of years. Are you excited for your audience to hear you sing another genre?

I love to sing a bit of everything! From pop to urban, back to my roots with regional Mexican and Cumbia. I had a chance a few years ago to sing Un Mundo Ideal (A Whole New World) for the Aladdin movie with ZAYN, so I’m happy to be back and able to work on another incredible film and add a little Becky G spin to it.

You’re an amazing performer but I know you are also a talented songwriter with a ton of writing credits. Tell me a little bit about your songwriting process. Do you have your sage going, do you like to be alone, outside, etc?

It’s always different - I definitely curate a vibe in the studio though. Whether it‘s dimming the lights or lighting some candles, I try to own the place so I can really relax in the booth and work on what I love to do the most. The process is always different - sometimes it’s from a real-life experience or a text I send where I think “wow, we should write a song about this!”. Other times, I get inspired by collaborating with other incredible female songwriters and artists, like my girl Elena Rose. We come together and it’s magic!