Natti Natasha and Becky G at The Tonight Show, Starring Jimmy Fallon.
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Watch Natti Natasha and Becky G performing at The Tonight Show their latest reggaeton single ‘Ram Pam Pam’

Latinas representing the culture!

Natti Natasha and Becky G brought some serious heat to The Tonight Show, Starring Jimmy Fallon. The Mexican-American and Dominican superstars performed their latest reggaeton single, “Ram Pam Pam,” surrounded by dancers, lights, and a lot of glam.

The show recreated a gym on the stage for the live performance while the two singers rocked high school sporty looks. Soon mom-to-be Natti Natasha wore a sequined red, black and silver cheerleader two-piece outfit with her name and the number ten, referring to her birthdate (December 10).

Natti Natasha and Becky G at The Tonight Show, Starring Jimmy Fallon.©Becky G
Natti Natasha and Becky G at The Tonight Show, Starring Jimmy Fallon

The 34-year-old singer also bedazzled her baby bump to match the colors she was wearing. She completed her look with red Nike sneakers, a bubble ponytail, black nails, bright red lips, and a cateye.

Becky G wore a white and red monogrammed tracksuit paired with hoop earrings, white nails, and Nike sneakers.

“How happy to celebrate my 39th week working for you,” wrote Natti Natasha on Instagram. “You all have given me the strength to show the world that you can fight to the end, and today it is demonstrated on American National TV! Thanks to Titi @iambeckyg for being an accomplice and supporting me as a Family! Mommy, watch #Rampampam in @jimmyfallon @fallontonight, Representing my Flag and Latinas with Honor 🇩🇴 🙏🏻 ♥ ️ I hope you love it. 👸🏻👸🏻”

“We did that. 🤗 I’m so proud to represent both sides of myself on this stage. 🇲🇽🇺🇸 Had so much fun with my sis @nattinatasha 💕 Thank you @jimmyfallon & @fallontonight for inviting us! 🙌🏽❤️ Just a girl from Inglewood doing what she’s always dreamt of. Gracias Dios por todo. #RamPamPam,” wrote Becky G.

The banger is the ladies’ first collaboration since “Sin Pijama” three years ago and is all about owning your own sexuality with a feminist message that encourages women to explore sexual inhibitions without shame. On the topic of feminism, Becky G told AFP it’s, “different for all of us. We all need it in our own way.”

“It’s my way of saying, I want to be empowered as a woman... me deciding when I go there, it’s because I choose to go there. And when I don’t want to go there, I don’t go there.” Becky continued, “It might not align with everyone’s idea of what feminism is, but it’s always with the intention of paving the way for the ones to come.”

For Natti Natasha, the song is an expression of their complete freedom. “We express ourselves with complete freedom. We are super comfortable. If Becky or I did not feel comfortable with even a single letter in the song, we would not sing it,” she told the publication.

Watch their full performance below