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Gypsy Rose Blanchard and husband called it quits months after her prison release

In a heartfelt statement posted on Thursday, Blanchard expressed her current reality and the path ahead

Gypsy Rose Blanchard, notorious for her involvement in a high-profile case, revealed that she and her husband, Ryan Scott Anderson, have decided to part ways. The 32-year-old shared the news on her private Facebook account, marking a significant turn in her tumultuous life.

Blanchard’s announcement comes just three months following her release from the Chillicothe Correctional Center in Missouri. She had served over eight years in prison.

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In a heartfelt statement posted on Thursday, Blanchard expressed her current reality and the path ahead. “People have been asking what is going on in my life. Unfortunately my husband and I are going through a separation, and I moved in with my parents‘ home down the bayou. I have the support of my family and friends to help guide me through this. I am learning to listen to my heart. Right now, I need time to let myself find… who I am,” she wrote.

Blanchard and Anderson’s marriage was a unique chapter in her life story. They had an unconventional jailhouse ceremony in July 2022 with no guests present. However, the dynamics of their relationship have changed recently, leading to this new development.

For Blanchard, whose life has been under the microscope of public scrutiny for years, finding her own identity and navigating through the aftermath of her past actions are paramount. Her journey from a young woman trapped in a web of deceit orchestrated by her mother to a convicted criminal has been a subject of intense fascination and debate.

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After prison, Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s life of freedom has been a whirlwind as she suddenly found fame. With her release came a Lifetime documentary series, red carpets, interviews, viral moments, and over 8.2 million followers on Instagram.

Gypsy Rose shared a selfie in a sports bra, thanking her supporters, “I never said that I was perfect, I am 100% human, I make mistakes but I learn from them. I gain achievements and celebrate them with me. I invite y’all into my world not as a public figure but as JUST GYPSY,” she wrote in the caption.

She explained in the comments that she removed her Instagram status as a public figure. “I removed a public figure from my bio because I think the narrative that has been put out there in the last month has not been accurate to my advocacy work,” she wrote.

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