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Kate del Castillo discusses her new role in ‘The Cleaning Lady’

Del Castillo was featured on The Today Show where she discussed her character’s ‘double life’

Kate del Castillo is joining the cast of “The Cleaning Lady.” The Fox series trailing Elodie Yung as Thony, an immigrant in Las Vegas who works for the mob, cleaning up after their murders in order to pay for her son’s health treatments. Del Castillo is entering the series’ third season, where she’s playing an “evil” yet layered character, something that she does incredibly well.

In an appearance on “The Today Show,” del Castillo discussed her character and where she finds inspiration to play such complex and, at times, bad people. She’s playing Ramona Sanchez, whom she describes as “very fun to play.” “I did a telenovela a long time ago called Ramona too. It’s a very different Ramona. This one, I’m enjoying a lot!”

She introduced the series and teased a little bit of what people can expect, revealing that her character is looking for a man that’s gone missing. “She has a double life. In a way, she’s a philanthropist and an art collector but she’s also very evil. And she doesn’t sweat it when she has to do very bad stuff.”

Del Castillo explained that she finds herself attracted to characters that have a duality. While they may seem charming on the outside, she enjoys playing the dark elements in them. “They’re strong but they’re also fun and charming.” When asked where she gets the inspiration to create these characters, she laughed and said, “Life! I’m Mexican!”

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Del Castillo is also joining Dora the Explorer

Del Castillo also shared that she’s playing an Alebrije in “Dora the Explorer,” an opportunity that she treasures immensely. “It’s Dora the Explorer! Come on,” she said when asked about the opportunity. “I’ve known her since I was very young.” She’s playing a character called Ale the Alebrije, who’s the mix of a jaguar and an eagle, thus incredibly cool. “It doesn’t get better than that.”

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