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Gina Rodriguez premieres upcoming Netflix’s movie ‘Players’

In the film, Rodriguez plays the role of New York City sportswriter Mack

Gina Rodriguez recently attended a photo call for Netflix’s “Players” at The Egyptian Theatre Hollywood. In the upcoming movie, Rodriguez plays the role of New York City sportswriter Mack, who has a habit of creating “plays” with her friends to win over potential hookups on nights out.

As the story progresses, Mack develops feelings for a war reporter, Nick, played by Tom Ellis. She realizes that she wants more than just a casual relationship with him. Mack confides in her friends about her desire to pursue Nick, and they decide to use their matchmaking skills to help Mack and Nick fall in love.

Gina Rodriguez©GettyImages

The movie has a set of strict rules, one of which is that you cannot start a relationship from a play. However, Mack falls for Nick unexpectedly, making her reconsider the game. As a result, the boundaries between work, fun, friendship, and romance become blurred, and Mack must figure out what it takes to move from simply scoring to playing for keeps.

“I went to college in New York and lived in Brooklyn. This felt like a love letter to Brooklyn and there were so many memories that came flooding in while shooting,” Rodriguez tells People.

The upcoming romantic comedy promises to be both fun and heartwarming. It features a unique twist that sets it apart from other movies in the genre. Fans of Gina Rodriguez and Tom Ellis are in for a treat as they deliver stellar performances, portraying the challenges and joys of modern-day dating.

Trish Sie is the directing the film, and calls it a sweet escape that people need right now. “Players is both tender-hearted and irreverent. It’s cheeky, but it’s kind. It’s a reminder that love is always possible, and friendships are priceless.”

“You’re gonna love this movie whether you’re home alone with a cup of tea, cuddled up with your sweetheart or your best friend or your mom or your tribe of pals from college.”

“Players” premieres on Netflix this Valentine’s Day.

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