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Elizabeth Holmes’ first days in prison: Breaks protocol during emotional family visit

Being known for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Holmes has been forced to make some major adjustments to her diet.

Elizabeth Holmes is adapting to her new life in prison. The 39-year-old Theranos founder started her 11-year sentence on May 30 at the Federal Prison Camp in Bryan, Texas, and it seems she already had a very emotional moment during her recent family visit with her husband Billy Evans.

The former CEO had the opportunity to spend some time with her parents, Noel and Christian, during a 7-hour visit, as reported by Daily Mail. Holmes was seen “crying during much of the visit” with her mom, while her dad appeared to be impassive.


It was also reported that Holmes had broken prison protocol by holding hands with her husband. Regulations state that “a brief kiss, embrace and/or handshake are allowed only upon arrival and departure,” however, she was photographed touching Evan’s finger at one point while walking.

The family stayed with her the whole time and even shared treats from a vending machine, as it was revealed that Holmes probably had to do some major adjustments to her diet.


After being known for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which included green juice at all times, made with spinach, parsley, and celery, among other ingredients, Holmes has been eating from the Federal Bureau of Prisons menu, with a variety of hamburgers, tacos, macaroni, and chicken available.

Holmes has yet to see her two kids, 2-year-old William and 3-month-old Invicta, although there are designated spaces for children to play if she receives a visit from them. Inmates at the facility are eligible to work and earn between 12 cents and $1.15 per hour in their job assignments in food service or factory employment, as detailed in the 2016 FBC Bryan inmate handbook.

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