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When is Gerard Piqué seeing his children again?

Here’s what Piqué and Shakira’s legal agreement says when it comes to their kids’ custody.

Gerard Piqué and Shakira have had one of the most notorious breakups of last year. The couple has been hounded by the media, with it all made more intense by Shakira’s increasing popularity following her various musical releases. A Spanish newspaper has revealed some of the details of Piqué and Shakira’s custody agreement, including how often he’ll get to see his kids.

Per La Vanguardia, the kids’ custody agreement was one of the reasons why Shakira and Piqué spent a significant time hashing things out in court. The newspaper revealed that Piqué is able to visit his kids in Miami whenever he wants, and that the costs would be split between himself and Shakira.

The agreement between both parties also makes it clear that Piqué can have custody of the kids in all of their school breaks, including Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break. In the case of summer vacation, which is the kids’ longest break, their time would be split 70-30% in favor of Piqué.

Piqué also has 10 days of the month when he can visit and take the children wherever he wants. He could stay in Miami with them, or take them on a trip, including stopping by Spain where they could spend time with their paternal side of the family. If Piqué were to move to Miami, the custody agreement would be split 50-50.

Shakira completed her move to Miami over the past weeks, with her kids starting school in a new country. In a sincere and direct message, Shakira asked the press to respect her kids’ privacy. “I beg you to abstain from following them to the entrance or exit of their school, waiting for them at the door of our home, or following them to their after-school activities as it has happened every day in Barcelona with the purpose of taking photographs or for a better rating,” she wrote.

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