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Eva Mendes shares tips for making rentals and hotels feel more like home

Mendes has some experience with travel and shared some of her tips for making every location feel like home.

Eva Mendes knows that traveling and staying in a hotel or a rental home can be difficult to adjust to. In a new Instagram video, she shared her tips for making locations feel homier, and what she personally does to feel better when she’s not home.

The clip shows Mendes talking to the camera and pulling various items from her bag. In her video, she’s wearing a dress and has her hair dyed red. “So every time I get to a new place, I always bring a little bit of my kids’ art,” she says, pulling various bits of artwork from her purse. “This is clearly a heart and its chambers,” she says jokingly, showing off her daughter’s painting, which a splash of reds, purples, and yellows. “And this is clearly the ocean.”

Then Mendes arranges the artwork on a table and decorates it with some flowers and plants. “I love when I drop a petal or a leaf and I never clean it up,” she says, leaving her arrangement as is and giving it a more natural air. She concludes the video by pulling out a raw carrot from her bag and taking a bite out of it. “What do YOU do,” she wrote in the caption. “When you stay in a rental or hotel to make it feel more like home?”

Mendes has been active on Instagram lately, sharing adorable photos and videos of her dog and videos celebrating her Cuban heritage. She was also promoting a sale on her cleaning product brand, called Skura Style, which makes soaps and other cleaning products.

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