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Katherine Schwarzenegger says her parents are her role models for raising her daughters

In a new interview, Schwarzenegger talks about her famous parents and the way she was raised.

Katherine Schwarzenegger has nothing but compliments for her parents. The writer shared in a new interview that her parents are her greatest role models for child-rearing and that she’s thankful for all the hard work they did in order to make her childhood as private and normal as possible.

In an interview with The New York Times, Schwarzenegger talked about her family life, and how important it is for her to maintain a sense of privacy. She talked about her parents and how she’s thankful for the way she was raised, with both of them making an effort to keep her out of the spotlight. “I know this sounds crazy, but I really would love to just do exactly what they did,” she said of them. “I look back on how much of life my parents kept private, and I have a lot of respect for it. I think they kept a lot of their relationship private, they kept us kids private — you know, they didn’t take us to red carpets, they didn’t have us parading around in front of everybody.”

Schwarzenegger also talked about her relationship with Chris Pratt and how her life changed once she started dating him. “I wasn’t getting questions about my love life or who I was dating or anything like that,” she said.

While keeping most aspects of their relationship private, Schwarzenegger shared that she and Pratt met while in church and that their life is very normal. “If you would ask anybody how I was at home, they’d be like, ‘She walks around with her hair in a banana clip and a box of crackers with one of the children on her hip’,” she said.

Schwarzenegger has a new kids‘ book out on February 7th, titled, “Good Night, Sister”. The book was based on her relationship with her sister Christina and now, as she preps for her book tour, Schwarzenegger plans to bring her two daughters along.

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