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Drew Barrymore can’t wait for Cameron Diaz’s acting comeback

Barrymore and Diaz have been best friends for years.

Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz have one of Hollywood’s longest and favorite friendships. The two were a part of the “Charlie’s Angels” together and often talk about how important their relationship has been over the course of their lives.

In a new interview, Barrymore talked about her relationship with Diaz and her exciting comeback to acting.

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Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz at CinemaCon

Barrymore is currently promoting her new Netflix series, “Princess Power”, which she’s producing alongside Savannah Guthrie. While talking about the show with Access Hollywood, Barrymore talked about Diaz and her exciting comeback to the movies. When asked about her return, Barrymore said, “Well, I’ve been talking to her a lot through the filming. I just Facetimed with her the other day, they went on break for the holidays, so I’m just like constantly checking in.”

“She seems so happy,” Barrymore said. “And then last night I was watching “Knight and Day” with my daughters (the Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise action movie) which is just like the best movie. You just watch it and you’re like ‘Yes! You should be doing what you’re doing.”

Guthrie pitched in and said that Diaz is one of Barrymore’s oldest friends. “And also: humor, capable, real,” said Barrymore of the things she wants in girl friends.

Barrymore’s new TV show is an animated program for kids, focused on the power of friendship between girls. “I just love the theme of the books so much,” said Barrymore. “I feel like somehow I was given really positive messages when I was young or maybe I was just very attracted to them that made me believe I could do anything,” she said. “If you do get that green light, especially as a girl, like go out there, you can do it too. That’s so important.”

Barrymore and Diaz have been friends since before they worked together in “Charlie’s Angels”. “We met when I was 14 and she was 16. I was working at a coffee house and she was a junior model,” Barrymore said in an Instagram live in 2021. “She’s still my bestie and sistie — sistie?”

“Princess Power” premieres on Netflix on January 31st. Cameron Diaz’s upcoming film is called “Back in Action” and it’ll premiere on Netflix late 2023 or early 2024.

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