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[Watch] Eva Mendes puts Dad to the test to see if ‘he can keep up with the times’

Can anyone relate?

Eva Mendes puts her Dad to the test to see if he can keep up with the current trends and the result is not only adorable but hilarious. We have witnessed many adorable, funny, and relatable situations with fans and followers from Mendes, and her family. This time it’s Eva’s Dad’s turn. He stole the show!

Side note: This duo rocks. We want more!

“Tested my Papi to see how he’s keeping up with the times,” Mendes posted. “How’d he do?! Que creen? Can you relate?!,” the first generation American born to Cuban parents wrote on her IG.

And the answer is yes! We can relate. With more than 1 million views, the Hollywood powerhouse got her fans engaged: “I like all his definitions. He’s amazing lol. From now on things will be shrimp not cringe lol,” or “Love it!! I’m Mexican and I LOVE to hear you speak Spanish bien Cubano. I had a Cuban neighbor and I loved to hear him speak. Los cubanos hablan so full of life!”

One of the most viral moments is when Eva asks ‘Papi’, “What is someone says ‘this is CRINGE’?,” to what Juan Carlos answers, “Sounds to me like SHRIMP.”

Eva Mendes dad©evamendes

Fans went crazy! “Shrimp 🍤😂 Omg that was hysterical! Love for y’all ❤️,” ‘Shrimp 🍤 😂😂🤣 he’s so cute,’ and one follower was supporting Eva’s Dad in his answer: “Actually give Gramps points for ‘eso está camarón’ which is actually correct. That lingo kinda means cringe in that it’s just means something is messed up.”

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