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Justin Bieber celebrates Hailey’s birthday with sweet message

Hailey Bieber is celebrating her 26th birthday.

Justin Bieber is celebrating his wife’s birthday.

Hailey Bieber is turning 26 and Justin took a moment to share a sweet message with the world, while also providing an update on their activities and current location.

In an Instagram post, Justin shared some photos of himself and Hailey, all taken over the course of the same day. The photos show the two smiling at the camera and kissing, happy to be in each other’s presence. “HAPPY BIRFDAY (in Japan) TO MY FAVORITE HUMAN BEING XOXO YOU MAKE LIFE MAGIC 😭 OBSESSED WITH EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU. LOVE YOU BUM BUM,” he wrote.

In the following post, he provided an update of their time in Japan, showing a bit of what they were up to in Tokyo. The photos show Justin and Hailey having dinner and having some fun with friends as they celebrated her birthday.

Hailey also shared a post commemorating her birthday. The photos show how much fun they had in Japan and some of the meals they had, including sushi and ramen. It also showed some of the friends they spent some time with. “26 in Tokyo,” she wrote. “So much love.”

Recently, the couple celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary, having married secretly in September of 2018. Both shared anniversary messages and thanked the other for their experiences. “Happy anniversary to my best friend and wifey @haileybieber .. thanks for making me better in every way,” wrote Justin.

In the case of Hailey, she shared some of their wedding photos and some pictures that were taken over the years. “4 years married to you. the most beautiful human I’ve ever known... love of my life. Thank God for you,” she wrote.

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